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How Open Houses Can Help You Make Your Decision

Depending what decade you were born in Open Houses were an every Sunday event in your subdivision.  In the late 80’s through most of the 90’s they had whole neighborhood Open Houses. Even city or township wide known as the parade of homes.  It seems as the internet started taking over real estate advertising the […]

5 Best Apps For Home Buyers

Today most prospective buyers don’t have the patience to wait for their Realtor to get back with them with a pile of listings that their interested in browsing through online.  There a multiple reasons for this; buyers want to look when the time suits them, they are bombarded with listings everywhere they click on social media, […]

How To Hire The Right Agent To Sell You Home In 5 Easy Steps

If you’re selling a home, a good real-estate agent will help you set the right price, market the home professionally, qualify the buyers and expertly negotiate and finalize the deal. A great agent has long experience with recent sales and can walk a tightrope, balancing optimism with realism and diplomacy with brutal honesty. You’ll pay […]

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