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5 Best Apps For Home Buyers

Home Search Apps
Today most prospective buyers don’t have the patience to wait for their Realtor to get back with them with a pile of listings that their interested in browsing through online.  There a multiple reasons for this; buyers want to look when the time suits them, they are bombarded with listings everywhere they click on social media, and some agent just don’t respond quick enough.  In an effort to make a buyer’s house shopping experience better – here are 5 must have apps

1. Realtor.com –  This site is the easiest to navigate and offers the most up to date information on houses that’s pulled directly from the MLS (where real estate agents actually list properties).  Each listing includes photos, property details, open house information, and pricing. It allows you to share favorite listings with friends and family, and highlight a customized area that you would like to search. Best of all, it’s free!

2.  Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator –  A free app the will tell you how much your payment will be on the house you’re interested in.  Hopefully if you’re a serious buyer you’ve contacted a mortgage professional to have them start the pre-approval process and you have some sort of idea what you can afford.  This simple app will let you play with your numbers on the fly as you stop for lunch in between showings.

3.  Houzz Interior Design Ideas – If you love HGTV you’ll love Houzz even more.  This app will give you real-world inspiration whit comes to design.  it can help you “see” the homes differently that you’re touring.  It may give you just the idea you need to make a house just right for you that you previously though otherwise.

4.  Around Me – Location, location, location! Looking for easy access to banks, gas stations, and coffee shops? Input an address, and Around Me will tell you the distances to those spots and more. And for the low, low, price of FREE, why not?

5. Sold By Dylan –  Last but certainly not least is the site that you’re on now.  Not only can you search the MLS on this page, we keep you updated on what’s happening in Southeast Michigan’s real estate market, inform you about cool apps and sites like the ones above, and have a page dedicated to open houses in your area.  If you or anyone you know is planning on buying or selling any real estate in the near future please send them our way.

At the end of the day it’s all about convenience.  Microwaves, cell phones, texting, and heck even cars that parallel themselves are all examples of making our lives easier.  We hope for homebuyers in Southeast Michigan the apps above help make your shopping experience easier and more fun too!

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