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Quality or Quantity

quantity or quality

Should You Buy a Smaller Home That Needs Nothing -or-
Buy a Home That’s Larger Than Needs Work?

There are typically 2 types of buyers in the market.  The one who wants everything done ant they can move right in and drop their bags.  The other believes in buying a house that needs work and either putting in their own sweat equity or hiring contractors to create the home they’ve envisioned.

It’s always been part of the American Dream…to own your own home.  Back in the 40’s and 50’s homebuyers were much better prepared to work on their houses.  A lot of homes came with no garage and the new buyers and their family built one in a weekend.  Or the upstairs in a bungalow came unfinished and the homebuyers spent 3 summers getting little Timmy’s room upstairs ready themselves to save a few bucks.

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