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One Hour Landscaping Tips To Help You Sell Your Home Faster


Curb appeal can instantly make a potential home buyer say yes or no to viewing the inside of your home. One of the reasons over 80% of buyers are initially picking out the houses they want to see online is lack of time. In today’s world people are busier than ever. The last thing a seller wants to have happen is for a picky buyer to skip over their listing because of lack of great curb appeal. Let’s face it, the typical homeowner’s curb appeal would be lucky to get a C+. One of the easiest ways to make your listing stand out for the crowd is to spice up your landscaping. With the cheapest cameras and cell phones having the ability to take higher resolution pictures than ever thought possible – your house should have a vibrant color scheme on your listing picture.

Below are 3 very easy and inexpensive ways to add a ton of eye candy to your yard in less than the time it takes most people to cook dinner…a nice dinner that is;

1. Touch Up Your Mulch

Mulching your flower beds essentially create the foundation for the landscaping of the front your home. Any big box home improvement store like Lowes, Menards, or Home Depot sell much for as cheap at $2 per bag. 10 or 15 bags of mulch will cover the average yard’s beds. That’s only $20-30!

2. Fill Up Your Pots

Whether you have planters or you need to add them, an easy way to welcome prospective buyers to your front entry is to add some colorful flowers in nice size pots. They are easy to care for and can be moved in and out of the sun depending on what they specifically call for. You can soften up corners or add some nice touches to an otherwise boring backyard with them also. As far as the price goes I’d say $20 each will get you decent planters. Add $10 in flowers in each one you’re at $150 total.

3. Flats, Flats, & More Flats

I’ve definitely saved what I believe to be the most important for last. Nothing attracts the eye more than vibrant color. Studies have shown that brighter cars get pulled over for speeding more often. So flats of annuals will help make buyers “pull over” and look at your house for sale. You can buy colorful Impatient flowers for as little as $8 for 48 plants, YES 48 plants! Lets go the the extreme and assume that you’re willing to invest $160 in colorful annuals to draw that buyers eve. That’ll get you close to 1000 flowers. Now all you have to do is get off your lazy behind to plant them or hire the neighbor kid for $50. In all seriousness, there’s no better bang for your buck than to load the front of your house up with colorful flowers to attract attention.

The next time you’re driving through your neighborhood count every house you pass. When you drive through it the next time count every house that has eye catching curb appeal set off by it’s landscaping. While it’s impossible for me to guess the percentage I’m still a bit of a betting man and I’l put it under 50%. Which simply means when it’s time for you to sell all you have to do is invest $500 in implementing the tips above to make you stand out from half of the neighbors surrounding you.

My job as a Realtor is to help you get more for your current home and help you pay less for your next one. When it comes time for you to buy or sell please give us a call. We love to share ideas like the ones you enjoyed above.

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